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Immigration Consultant fluent in English, Spanish, Filipino, & Hebrew








Meet the Team

We are a team of immigration experts committed in helping you achieve your goal of immigrating to Canada. Your profile, background and experience are unique and there are over 80 immigration pathways and various visa options for Canada. It is a very overwhelming process and guaranteed to be stressful. You will need MVC Immigration because not only do we understand what you are going through (being immigrants to Canada ourselves), but we:

  • Will maximize your chances of success by building an immigration plan customized for your unique profile - from getting to Canada and all the way to citizenship
  • Possess over 10 years of experience and knowledge of the most updated Canadian immigration laws and policies - we are trained to think like immigration officers
  • Have the experience of bringing many foreigners from different backgrounds and nationalities - our clients are from Asia, Middle East, Europe and South America
  • Provide you a hassle-free experience no matter where you are in the world through our online processing (but you can always book an appointment to see us in-office)
  • Proven track record of positive results and great customer service - check out the many positive reviews (Google & Facebook) we have received from our clients
  • Assist in your preparation and settlement - finding your learning institution, preparation for your English test (if subjected to one) and help you settle in Canada

MVC Immigration Consulting is located in Burnaby (just outside of Vancouver) in British Columbia, Canada and in Cebu, Philippines.

We speak English, Spanish, Hebrew, Tagalog and Cebuano.

Whether you are a foreign national (still outside of Canada or already in Canada), we can assist you in getting here and extending your stay in Canada for the long-term by utilizing the many immigration pathways for studying, working and starting a business. If you are a Canadian employer wanting to hire a foreign worker, we are also the agency for you. Contact us today!