Follow our 3 simple steps for your success!

  • Eligibility Assessment

    Step 1

    Eligibility Assessment

    Fill up the assessment form and our immigration consultants will assess your eligibility to immigrate to Canada. With over 80 different immigration programs available, our team of immigration professionals will find the right visa application program for you to achieve your immigration goals no matter what your nationality is.

  • Information & Documentation Collection

    Step 2

    Information & Documentation Collection

    Our case representatives will guide you through the collection of all required documents for your application. Our legal team will build your application, prepare it for submission and maximize your chances of a successful visa application.

  • Application Submission

    Step 3

    Application Submission

    Once your application has been submitted, we will continue to represent you in front of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) as your legal representative until a decision has been made on your application. Once your application is approved and you’ve arrived in Canada, we will guide you as you settle into your new life.

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