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Entering Canada as a temporary foreign worker has many benefits as this immigration pathway leads to permanent residency later on depending on your work experience, education, qualifications, and so on. 

Canada experiences labour shortages across various industries and hiring temporary foreign workers is a solution to fill that need. Temporary foreign workers are granted a working visa or permit once both the Canadian employer and the foreign worker meet the requirements set out by the Canadian government through the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) process and the corresponding Work Permit process.

For foreign workers, we are able to discuss with your prospective Canadian employers the benefits and process of hiring foreign workers. For Canadian employers, we can assist you in preparing the requirements requested by the Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) to justify the need to hire a foreign worker.

If you are a temporary foreign worker already in Canada or an employer planning to hire a foreign worker, contact us and let's discuss your options and see if you are eligible for this program.


What is the first step in obtaining a Work Permit?

The first step is to obtain a valid job offer from a Canadian employer. 

What services can MVC Immigration Consulting provide? Why hire MVC Immigration Consulting?

Hiring our services will increase your chances of successfully obtaining a work permit. Through our solid experience, we are very familiar with the Work Permit process and what the immigration officer would be scrutinizing. Overall, it saves you time and money.
We will evaluate if a work permit is needed and if the applicant is eligible for one. We will advise clients of the steps they will need to take in order to receive a work permit.

What are the types of jobs offers that a Canadian employer can make?

A Canadian employer can make two types of job offers:

  • Temporary job offer - intended for a specific period of time (six months, one year, etc.)
  • Permanent job offer - intended for an indeterminate period of time  

What is the advantage of receiving a permanent job offer from a Canadian employer?

Upon applying for permanent residency, a permanent job offer supported by a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) is awarded additional points (the number of points are dependent on the position offered). This strengthens the applicant’s profile and increases his or her chances of receiving a positive response.

What is the advantage of receiving a temporary job offer from a Canadian employer?

A job offer, even if temporary, allows you to obtain a Work Permit, securing your time in Canada. While your are on your Work Permit, you are opening yourself the opportunity to advance yourself and to the possibility of receiving a permanent job offer, which will strengthen your profile when you apply for permanent residency.

Is it difficult to find a good job in Canada?

No. We’ve had many clients find good jobs in Canada in their respective fields especially if they are already in Canada. It is more of a challenge to find a job when the client is still outside of Canada (although it is not impossible). Most employers still like to interview in person and get a feel of the applicant.

Depending on your occupation, skilled workers and professionals will always be in demand and there are lots of jobs in Canada across different cities and provinces. 

What services can MVC Immigration Consulting provide to help find work in Canada?

We will be able to communicate to your potential Canadian employer and explain the LMIA and Work Permit process, the advantages and responsibilities of hiring a Temporary Foreign Worker.

How long is the processing time for a work permit?

The processing time is dependent on the occupation being applied for and where the application is submitted and can range from a couple of days to a couple of months.

How long is a work permit for and can it be extended?

The length of a work permit depends on the occupation and the work permit category under which the applicant has applied. Work permits can be extended from inside Canada.

Is it possible to change employers on the same work permit? 

No. Work permits are attached to a specific employer. If an individual changes employer he or she must apply for a new work permit. However, if it is an Open Work Permit, these individuals can change employers without reapplying. 

Can a spouse / common law partner and children come with a temporary worker or follow a temporary worker to Canada?

Yes, a spouse/common law partner and dependent children can accompany or follow a temporary worker to Canada. For spouse/common law partners, an Open Work Permit can be requested